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Book Cover
- It is not for public sale or being publicly distributed.
- It is a self-published book with private memoirs and stories.
- It mentions no family names.
- Photos are those already publicly available.
- Anyone wanting a copy will need to use contact page here and not all applicants will necessarily get a copy.

Released on his 65th birthday, Gavin will take you on a whirlwind tour of NZ and the world with surprises, humorous episodes, sharing his hard life as a solo parent, heart felt family troubles, sadness, observations on society, events he has organised, touring with music stars, his life in the ambulance service here and London, disasters and tragedy, his own health scares, his relationship with Samoa, his Uncles in the war and he will educate you on our real WW1 history along with his poems. Gavin says he would like to leave a legacy. He surely does that. He does not need to GET a life – he has had one!