h05 Vic

Victor Robert Howes
was born at the farm in Pleasant Valley Geraldine NZ on 23rd May 1878 to William Sidney Howes & Caroline Turner.
Victor Robert married Dolina (Dolly) Smart.

Vic smoked a Pipe. He had many Strokes over the years and lost the strength in one arm but still managed to drive his Chev truck. He sat in his armchair and as you tried to walk past he would hook you with his stick. He was very generous to his community of Te Ngawai including funding the local war monument. But he was much tighter with the purse strings at home. He keenly followed politics. Any Labour supporters unable to get to the polling booths, he would take.
He loved his 3 sons whom he called “his Colts”. He worked away from his farm at times on his Fowler Traction Engine. He would tell many a naughty rhyme. He had many expressions and one was “work the willing horse” in reference to those who helped on the farm.
He never gave up on his son Vic coming home from WW2.
Vic died of a Stroke on 10th Feb 1962 at Te Ngawai Albury NZ.