s03 Dolly

Dolly Enid Howes (Dolina Smart) was born 1883 and came from a farm near Burkes Pass called Dornie.

Dolly was kind and caring. She was always cooking for housefuls. Top priority was feeding the menfolk labouring on the farm. On Christmas days everyone gathered for her feast. She was a wonderful knitter. She did everything the hard way. She made her own butter using a separator then the churn. She made her own soap. She set Jellies in the creek as there was no fridge. There was no power to the farm in those days.

Dolly drove a Model T Ford over a bank so never drove again – she was used to horses. She went through both World Wars plus the Depression.

Dolly struggled to breathe at times and her lips were always blue. She had a bad heart and died in June 1960. She is buried with Vic at Burkes Pass.