t01 Jim

James William Elijah HOWES. Jim was born 1908. He never married. He was the stuff legends are made out of. He took over the farm ‘Te Ngawai’ from his dad Vic.

Jim was looked up to so high from all his nieces and nephews. He had strong principles and was also held in high regard in farming, deerstalking and fishing circles. Jim was as honest as the day comes and tolerated us wild kids who used the farm as a playground.

He was the man who rowed around Lake Alexandrina planting those Willow trees. He was a fishing inspector and loved nature. In WW2 from age 31 he served in the Canterbury Yeomanry. For many years he collected weather data. He loved photography and was well renowned as a deerstalker down Fiordland.

He lost the use of one lung in a shooting accident by the river across from the farm and this constantly affected his breathing. He was cheeky and well read. “Plurry curse” was the worst of any swearing. Each night he took his medicine – whisky and hot water. He loved his alcohol filled trifle at Christmas.

He was generous in offering many of his nieces and nephews a better education. It was sad day for all when he passed away in Timaru Hospital on the 5th January 1990. There are 3 ‘James’ in our wider family named after Uncle Jim – James White, James Marriott & James Kinsman.