t03 Lena

Lena HOWES was born 1912. She was (like her mum) also named Dolina. But with her mum being known as ‘Dolly’ so this Dolina became ’Lena’. She never married.

She was a Registered Nurse which included working at Westland Hospital and Bidwill private hospital in Timaru. She was ‘courted by doctors but not caught’. She left nursing to return to the farm to care for her parents. Then after that she supported Jim on the farm.

Lena kept an immaculate house and flower garden. I remember her always happy doing housework singing away. Her baking was renowned. She made a mean chicken and stuffing sandwich, bacon and egg pie with tomato, sweet caramel slices and Neenish tarts. She made her own ice cream covered in syrup using the farm cream.
If you were not at the receiving end of one her famous hand knitted jerseys, you were very unlucky.

She loved ballet and excursions into Timaru were memorable but she didn’t like driving home into the sun.

We were always welcome as extended family for holidays. She was interested in what we were doing in life. She was in reality was a 2nd mum to many of us. She worshipped Jim and her nephew Colin. Despite her kindness, she could stand her own ground and arguments were horrendous. She loved her Sherry each night and had a private side.

Lena got a Melanoma whilst Jim was dying, but hid the symptoms and pain. She died 4 months after Jim and they are buried together at Burkes Pass.