t02 Mabel

Mabel Marion HOWES was born 1910. She never married. She became a teacher. One posting was to Mokara in the Hawkes Bay, a school now closed, inland from Lake Tutira. Her sister Edith went with her as a pupil. After Ray & Esther Marriott returned from Samoa after WW2, Mabel decided to go and teach there too. Mabel was a very popular teacher at Leififi School in Apia for about 40 years. Everyone in Apia knows “Miss Howes”. She was a Guide leader at her church.

She went on a world trip in the late 1960s. Mabel returned to New Zealand in February 1982 breathless and frail. She died at Timaru Hospital in September that year. A funeral was held at Timaru Crematorium and a memorial service held in Samoa.

It is now verified that Lena scattered Mabel’s ashes in the rose garden on the farm she was brought up on.
The plaque at Burkes Pass (attached to Vic & Dolly Howes grave) is a memorial plaque only.